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Instructions on completing the course and receiving credit

If you are a First-Time Visitor:

1. Click on the link for Courses

2. View our list of courses to find the courses that best match your interest or area of expertise.

3. You can click on the course names to read the complete course online

4. You can purchase the course and return at a later time to take the test and complete the course (OR) you could pass the test and the purchase the course.

5. Once you have purchased the course and passed the test, you can View and Print your Certificate Online.


If you have already purchased a course from us:

1. Visit our website www.UniNursety.com

2. On top, under RETURNING CUSTOMER there are text boxes to input your Login and Password. You Login is your FirstName_LastName and your password is your License #

3. Once you have logged in, the Customer Information page will list all the courses purchased and display courses that are not completed (Status = Pending - Take the Test) and courses that are completed (Status = Completed - View Certificates)

4. For the courses Pending, Click on Take the Test to take the test.

5. Once you have completed filling in a response for each question, you can click on Grade My Test to view your score. You need 70% or higher to pass each course.

6. If you scored Less than 70%, you will be shown the questions that you have answered incorrectly. At that time, you can choose to take the test again. You can take the test as many times as needed to pass the course.

7. If you scored Greater than 70%, you have passed the course and will be shown answers for all the questions you answered incorrectly.

8. Once you have passed the course, you will have to fill an Evaluation Form for that course. Please respond completely as we would like to have your feedback to improve our courses

9. Once you have completed the Evaluation, Click on View your Certificate to View and Print your certificate.



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