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Dear Customers, Our courses are currently unavailable. Please check back at a later time.

   U101 Pulmonary Pathologies 25 UnAvailable
   U102 An Overview of Blood Gas and Patient Care 20 UnAvailable
   U103 Integrated Pharmacology:
The Cardio-Pulmonary System
20 UnAvailable
   U104 Caring for Neonatal Patients 20 UnAvailable
   U105 An Overview of Asthma 20 UnAvailable
   U106 Managing Asthma Pharmacologically 30 UnAvailable
   U107 BioAgents of Concern: Anthrax/Botulism/Smallpox/Plague 30 UnAvailable
   U109 Sleeplessness in America - A Healthcare Crisis 20 UnAvailable
   U111 Cancer Overview 30 UnAvailable
   U112 Guidelines for Treating STDs 25 UnAvailable
   U113 Overview of Sleep as a Discipline 30 UnAvailable
   U114 Diagnosing and Managing Diabetes 30 UnAvailable
   U115 Long-term compliance to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy 30 UnAvailable
   U116 Patient Rights vs. Need to Restrain 4 UnAvailable
   U118 Safety Guidelines for Medical Imaging Procedures 6 UnAvailable
   U120 Nursing occupational hazard:
Asthma caused by exposure to latex
4 UnAvailable
   U121 Guidelines for Hospital Fire Safety 3 UnAvailable
   U122 Guidelines for Responding to Environmental Emergencies 3 UnAvailable
   U128 Caring for Patients with HIV/AIDS 1.5 UnAvailable
   U129 Care of Children impacted by Domestic Violence 1.5 UnAvailable
   U130 Guidelines for Treating & Managing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 30 UnAvailable
   U131 A Review of Patient Assessment Procedures and Techniques 30 UnAvailable
   U132 Management & Treatment of Pain Issues and Controversies 30 UnAvailable
   U133 Medical Errors 5 UnAvailable
   U135 Ethics, Religion and Medicine 20 UnAvailable
   U136 Restless Legs Syndrome 5 UnAvailable
   U137 The Biology of Aging 10 UnAvailable
   U139 Renewed Attention to Hyperbilirubinemia in the Term Newborn 1.5 UnAvailable
   U140 Health Care Responsibility: Helping the Older Adult Improve their Health Care 30 UnAvailable
   U141 Tuberculosis: An Overview 30 UnAvailable
   U142 Preventative Health Care 30 UnAvailable
   U143 Swine Flu 5 UnAvailable
   U144 Trauma for Two 1.5 UnAvailable
   U145 Fibromyalgia Education 1.5 UnAvailable



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